We all understand the importance of being of the 1st page of Google, however, there are a minimum of 10 competing (up to 35) listings there as well. Video SEO allows you to leverage people’s innate desire to focus on image/videos over text. Leverage the power of Video and Google to STAND OUT FROM THE CROW.

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Search Engines such as Google are looking to push a different types on content onto the 1st page to better serve their end-user, these types of content include the traditional website text-based link; local map listings; Google News; and Video. By providing Google with a Video that has been properly optimized, Google will reward you for helping them service their end-user by ranking you onto the 1st page FAST. Your video can be on the first page in as fast as a couple days!

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Reel Savvy is the leader in providing Video SEO service for local mom & pop shops all the way to Fortune 500s; and because we specialize in IT logistics management we’re able to dramatically bring down our cost, while keeping all the work within the US, and this saving is then passed onto you. Check out our pricing, we dare you to compare!

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